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The Bon Viveurs

Purpose-built for comfort and

ease on French waterways, the

Bon Viveur and Bon Viveur II 

promise trouble-free cruising.

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These beautiful twin boats were specifically designed and built for the job. You can in theory take a British canal boat or a seagoing cabin cruiser on the French waterways. Some do. But it is far from ideal. The French Waterways have specific requirements that are best met by boats suited to meet them. That way, you get the best chance of relaxed, trouble free cruising with all the home comforts.


Here are just some of the advantages of the Bon Viveurs:

  • One tried and tested, reliable diesel engine, powerful enough for the river currents.

  • One propeller on the centre line of the boat where the waterway is deepest, protected (by a ‘skeg’) from possible damage

  • Simple maintenance – just a 5 minute morning routine, and you are off.

  • Manoeuvrability – fore and aft side thrusters, driven from the main hydraulics, to provide pinpoint, effortless mooring and turn on a sixpence capability

  • Spacious rooms – that would put some apartments to shame

  • Comfortable large beds – king size with full walk round space in the master cabin; a standard double French bed in the guest cabin; and the capability to covert the lounge sofa and the dining table in the wheelhouse into comfortable sleeping for another four persons.

  • Two bathrooms – one en-suite to the master cabin, with toilet and shower; one with toilet and shower for others

  • Kitchen/Fridges – a large kitchen with full size appliances including generous fridge space

  • 2 helms – one in the covered wheelhouse and one on the rear open deck.

  • Large entertaining areas in and out

  • Light but robust construction

  • Established friendly experienced syndicates

  • Well maintained and specified

  • Comprehensive equipment - from TVs to life jackets; fenders to shades

  • Huge battery and solar panel capacity for wild mooring

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